Trip Recap

The trip started and ended in seasonable weather.

The hike was a completely different matter. While the boys prevailed they were none the less less challenged with some steep climbs, prickers and roots of all sorts reaching up to impede. No matter, the boys marched on and around Clear lake, past the bear cave.

Happily greeting another group along the way, the hiking party would not know until too late that the rains were a comin'. And come they did. Brian Alverado took the "Be Prepared" award as the only scout to have thought to have a slicker. God, in his grand sense of humor ended the rains as the group approached the camp site.

Despite the deluge, Austin's father risked, life, limb and perhaps a very nasty cold to keep the fire alive. 

There were hamburgers and hot dogs for all and a few, were of course, sacrificed to the fire gods in the course of meal preparation. Hot dogs, not scouts, that is.  The boys enjoyed the comforts of a toasty cabin and made productive and frequent use of the nearby facilities. Some braver souls pitched tents and slept al fresco. It was rumored the Cubmaster snuck out a mattress into his tent !  



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