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Camping Check List



Cub Scout Camping Checklist (What to Bring)                     

Tent with tent pegs/stakes

Tarp for under Tent

 Sleeping Bags

 Sleeping Pad / Air mattress


 Bug Repellant

 Sun Screen


 Flash Light (with batteries)

Folding camp chairs (Handy around the campfire)

Long fork or hangers for roasting marshmallows

 Small tools hammer, wrench

Water bottle or canteen


Mess kit - Plastic cups, plates, utensils, bowls that you can reuse – “Green Camping”

 Coffee mugs

 Rain gear – poncho recommended

Sweatshirt and/or Jacket


 Towels and washcloth

 Extra change of clothes

 Personal items & toiletries

Books (Tree / Bird Identification or Other)

Cub Scout Handbooks

Camera & film

Good Attitude :)

Pocketknives – Only Cub Scouts who have earned their Whittling Chip and are supervised by a parent are allowed to have knives.

NOTE: Leave Your Pets At Home!

Camping Rules;

1.    No Gameboys or other electronic devices

2.    No toy guns, swords, etc.

3.    No running in camp.

4.    No open toed shoes (ex. sandals, flip-flops).

5.    What goes in the fire stays in the fire. We do not allow the boys to poke sticks in the fire.




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