Iron Chef Results

The Enigmas won the day on taste with their Chicken Quesadilla although Monkey Madness took the award for best execution. Beyond the cooking competition, there was the infamous Batan Death March of the ill marked Red Trail. So badly marked was the trail that the troop found themselves even with four maps and three compasses in the New Jersey side of Camp Alpine.

An earlier hike to the "castle and a thousand steps to the pier ruins was far more enjoyable although Ms Shafer was heard to mutter on a number of occasions... "I can not believe there is no escalator !"

It was also a mystery as to why the site staff placed the troop in what seemed the furthest lean-to site and also the wettest. Regardless, the Troop had a good time, made a great fire, ate well and slept deeply ( ...and JP didn't fall out of anything.)

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From Troop 22's Senior Patrol

Directions, Iron chef Details, Schedule, Trip Contacts


Ben, David, and myself had a senior patrol meeting at my house on Friday 23. At the meeting we discussed the details of  the Iron Chef, the schedule, food assignments, sleeping conditions, directions, and Camp Alpine rules. We'll work on advancement, Totin' Chip, and of course, cooking. The theme of the Iron Chef is to have a cook off between the patrols to see who can make the best meal using any combination of the required ingredients.The patrols will be judged by the leaders and the Senior Patrol and the winning patrol will enjoy a steak dinner, courtesy of the losing patrol, at a following camp out.

Food Assignments

John - Bread, peanut butter, and jelly for 14 or 15 people

Curtis - Trail Mix and other snacks for 14 or 15 people

Thomas - Bananas, crescent rolls, chocolate, graham crackers

David/Ben - the required ingredients for the patrol cook off for the patrol plus three more

Austin - Iced Tea mix, marshmallows, cinnamon sugar

Ian - eggs, bacon, and ketchup (enough for seven)

Marcello - energy drinks (Gatorade, water, etc., no soda) for 14-15 people
Bring your receipts to the next meeting which we will tally to identify the total cost per scout for the trip.

The schedule below is an outline of what we will be doing up at the camp. Besides the time to meet at the Church, it is not set in stone. If anyone has any addition suggestions or questions you can contact any of the leaders.


Iron Chef:  The schedule

Scouts are expected to have had breakfast, bring a bagged lunch, unless they are having the peanut butter and jelly brought, and a reasonable and healthy snack for the trip. The Saturday dinner and breakfast will be cooked by the patrols.


Meet at church at 8:00 AM

Arrive at Alpine about 9:00 AM

Set Up Camp (review site, gather wood)

Morning activities: Tenderfoot, Second and First Class advancement activities

Cooking tips, knots , possible orienteering overview.

5 Mile hike with bagged lunch.

Return back to site, prepare fires/stoves

Begin to prepare dinner


Campfire , relaxation

Tents at 10 PM / Lights Out 11 PM





Break down , pack up


Leave site 8:30-9:30 AM


Iron Chef Details:

Competition ingredients:

Meat of choice, bread, cheese, olive oil, salt/pepper and spices of choice, jalapeño peppers.

Patrols can use any combination or all ingredients, but no other ingredients may be added. Meat can be precooked to facilitate completing dinner in a reasonable time.

Camp Alpine Details

At our site you can choose between sleeping in a tent or in a lean twos. If you want to use a tent contact your patrol leader and they will bring one for you.

While we are at Camp Alpine we must adhere to their code of conduct. They have supplied a list of what we are not allowed to do, so please read it carefully to make sure that you don't bring anything prohibited. There are also directions to Camp Alpine from New York and New Jersey to help you reach the site.

  • Units need to supply their own water containers, garbage bags, etc.

  • Do not climb on roofs or through the windows of any of our camp buildings or over any fences.

  • Garbage must be taken to assigned areas.

  • Units should leave a courtesy supply of firewood (enough for one full night) upon checking out.

  • All units must check out with a Camp Ranger or their designee. Additional fees for damage, propane, etc. will be collected at this time. A Scout is Clean and the general rule is always leave camp a little better than when you arrived. All loaned equipment must be returned in good, clean working condition.

  • The following are not allowed at camp for the safety and enjoyment of all campers: pets, fireworks, personal guns, rifles, bows, arrows, slingshots or other weapons, sheath knives or machetes, chainsaws, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, motorcycles, ATVs or other motorized vehicles, alcoholic beverages, drugs or controlled substances.

  • The use of all liquid fuels is prohibited. Propane appliances are permitted and must be used with caution under adult supervision. Campfires must be built in established campfire rings only. Keep fires small, never leave them unattended and be sure they are “cold out” when finished.

  • Do not cut or injure any standing tree or shrub. Do not ditch tents or dig holes for any purpose. Do not kill or abuse any wildlife.

  • Units are not allowed to use waterfront or pool facilities without expressed permission of the Ranger.

  • All units must observe the 11 PM curfew.

Directions to Alpine

By Car from New York City : Travel to the George Washington Bridge taking the upper level. Take your first exit on your right in New Jersey ( Palisades Pkwy. North). Travel for about 9 miles to exit 2 - Alpine approach road. Follow the exit around under the Pkwy. to a traffic light (this will be Route 9W). Make a right hand turn and travel north for about 1-1/4 miles. Alpine Scout Camp will be on your left hand side.

By Car from New Jersey :
From southern or mid-New Jersey , you can take either the New Jersey Turnpike or Garden State Pkwy. to Interstate 80. Travel on 80 to the last exit before the George Washington Bridge toll (this will be in Fort Lee ). The exit will say Route 9 and Palisades Pkwy. You may then take either Route 9W for 10 miles to Camp Alpine (it will be on your left), or get on to the Palisades Pkwy. and travel for about 9 miles to exit 2 - Alpine approach road. Follow the exit around under the Pkwy. to a traffic light (this will be Route 9W). Make a right hand turn and travel north for about 1-1/4 miles. Alpine Scout Camp will be on your left hand side.

I hope that this answered everyone's questions about the trip, but if anyone has any questions you can contact your patrol leader, or a member of the senior patrol or adult leadership:


-Senior Patrol Leader: Ian Mauhs
-Patrol: The Enigmas
Patrol Leader:  Ben Slaw

-Patrol: Monkey Madness

Patrol Leader:  David Slaw

Scoutmaster: Mr. Fred Silva / / 946-7851 / 917-217-1195






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