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I hope over time this page continues to grow but, for now, I am proud to provide information to the troop on Troop 22 leadership, committee members and supporting parents who are certified merit badge counselors.

Scouts: Any scout interested in pursuing a merit badge needs to speak to and get permission from the Scoutmaster. With approval you will be provided a blue card to work with your merit badge counselor. We have local leadership for the merit badges below. Remember, you should not start working on a merit badge until you have had an initial meeting or discussion with the scoutmaster.

For other merit badges, the council maintains a list and the troop can provide you the names and contact information for near any merit badge you are interested in. Reach out to a scout leader and we will get you the details. At the request of council the list is tightly controlled to respect the privacy of the counselers and ensure coordination with troop leadership.

Leaders or parents: If you are interested in serving as merit badge counselors can complete the following application Merit Badge Counselor Process

Last Updated: November 5th, 2015



Camping*                                        Mr. Tucci

Cooking*                                         Mr. Tucci

Citizenship in the Community*      Mr. Silva

Citizenship in the Nation*               Mr. Silva

Citizenship in the World*                Mr. Silva

Cycling*                                             Mr. Gong

Electricity                                          Mr. Delvecchio

Electronics                                       Mr. DelVecchio

Engineering                                      Mr. DelVecchio

Environmental Science*                  Mr. Gong

Finger printing                                 Mr. Tucci

Fire safety                                        Mr. Tucci

Family Life*                                       Mr. Silva

First Aid*                                          Mr. Silva

Hiking*                                              Mr. Tucci

Home Repair                                   Mr. DelVecchio

Nature                                               Mr. Gong

Personal Fitness*                            Mr. Silva

Personal Management*                  Mr. Silva

Plumbing                                           Mr. Tucci, Mr. DelVecchio

Scholarship                                      Mr. Gong

Skiing                                                Mr. Gong

Sports                                               Mr. Delvecchio

Swimming*                                       Mr. Silva

Wood carving                                   Mr. Tucci

Wood working                                  Mr. Tucci

Zoology                                             Mr. Gong


*Eagle Required



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